Interpon D3020


Interpon D3020 is our premium durability architectural product and is the highest grade powder coating available. Due to the stringent performance requirements that Interpon D3000 meets the range is available in nearly all matt and selected satin finishes. That is why it has been used on many landmark buildings including Hyundai Headquarters in NSW and Hilton Hotel in NSW.

Interpon D3020 Fluoromax® is a hyper durable architectural powder coating formulated to exceed the performance standard AAMA2605-11.

Engineered using AkzoNobel’s innovative Fluoromax® fluorocarbon polymer technology, Interpon D3020 Fluoromax® provides outstanding chemical resistance, anti-corrosion and mechanical properties. These attributes, combined with the recognised powder coating benefits of film toughness, ease of application and low environmental impact, complete the Interpon D3020 Fluoromax® performance package.

Interpon recognises the need for versatility and flexibility for your color requirements and offers Interpon D3020 Fluoromax as a custom made color. Contact us to discuss your color requirements today.

In a nutshell

  • For prestigious projects and warm climates.
  • Hyperdurable – 30 years Platinum Global Warranty*
  • Available in semi-gloss and matt
  • Metallic finishes also available
  • All projects are bespoke and matched to your requirements.
  • Meets AAMA 2605-11

Interpon D product ranges

*Conditions apply